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Handover of tree donations to the city Weil der Stadt

10. January 2024

Meeting in the Weil der Städter forest on December 13, 2023, marked the official donation of trees to the city of Weil der Stadt. Mr. Frank Zewe, the chairman of the works council at AMK Automotive, represented AMK on-site, emphasizing the company’s commitment to sustainability. Our Christmas donation in 2022 for the “ZukunftsWald” project received a positive response, and we are deeply pleased to contribute to greening a planting area in Weil der Stadt with our donation.

The trees have already been planted in areas where open spaces were created by storms, tree deaths, and bark beetles. By forgoing Christmas gifts for customers and business partners, we were able to further advance the ZukunftsWald project, aiming to plant an impressive 100,000 trees in Baden-Württemberg by 2030, demonstrating our dedication to climate and the environment.

In 2023, once again, we refrained from Christmas gifts for our customers and business partners, choosing instead to continue supporting the ZukunftsWald project. Plans for planting additional forest areas in Baden-Württemberg in 2024 are already in full swing. Sustainability remains a central concern for AMK Automotive. With this ongoing initiative, AMK strives to collectively make a sustainable contribution to the future viability of our homeland, alongside our valued customers and dedicated employees. The company reaffirms its commitment to environmental responsibility, aiming to have a positive impact on the region.

More about the project Zukunftswald: Nussbaum Stiftung Website: Projekt ZukunftsWald (