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  • Drive your comfort……for sweet dreams
    on any road.
  • Drive your comfort……for a smooth
    business ride.
  • Drive your comfort……even on routes that
    are full of adventure.
  • Drive your comfort……and your work gets
    easier and safer.

Drive your comfort

Safety and comfort are our speciality.

Our air suspension compressors and systems make sure that people and goods get to their destinations safe and sound. For 25 years, we have using our system expertise to offer our customers outstanding support. We combine a global focus with strong, regional roots: we manufacture all of our products in the heart of the Swabian Jura biosphere reserve and strive to live up to our responsibilities towards humankind and the environment as we help to shape the future of the automotive industry.

We develop and produce
air suspension compressors and systems entirely in-house

Get to know
AMK Automotive better

Our employees will support you in making your air suspension compressor or air suspension system projects a reality with their expertise, innovative ideas and boundless passion.
As part of this support, we will also take care of integrating hardware and software into the overall air supply system.